Lorenz-Spreen, P., Oswald, L., Lewandowsky, S., & Hertwig, R. (2021). Digital Media and Democracy: A Systematic Review of Causal and Correlational Evidence Worldwide. Out on SocArXiv

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Oswald, L. & Bright, J. (2021). How do climate change skeptics engage with opposing views? Understanding mechanisms of social identity and cognitive dissonance in an online forum. Out on arxiv

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Peer-reviewed papers

Klaus, G., Oswald, L., Ernst, A., & Merk, C. (2021). Effects of opinion statements on laypeople’s acceptance of a climate engineering technology. Comparing the source credibility of researchers, politicians and a citizens’ jury. Journal of Science Communication, DOI: 10.22323/2.20010203 Find paper here

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Klaus, G., Ernst, A., & Oswald, L. (2020). Psychological factors influencing laypersons’ acceptance of climate engineering, climate change mitigation and business as usual scenarios. Technology in Society, 60, 101222. Find paper here